Essential shuttle bus services

Essential Shuttle Bus Transportation services

KD ELITE TRANSPORTATION INC offers Essential Shuttle Bus services (Essential Transportation).


Our team would like to thank you for being a loyal and long term customer of ours.

We value your presence and partnership with our company and hope that it will stay the same for many more years to come.

KD Elite values the health and safety of our passengers, partners, and employees.

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Due to COVID-19, our company has taken a number of precautionary measures to provide the highest level of protection for our customers and staff.

Extra steps taken during pandemic Of Covid19

  1. Encourage operational staff to work remotely from home.
  2. We check all the chauffeurs to understand their health conditions, on a daily basis, to ensure, no chauffeur has displayed any relevant symptoms like fever, sneezing, cough or sore throat, etc.
  3. All of our vehicles are equipped with instant hand sanitizer for the safety of our clients.
  4. Cleaning with disinfectant wipes are done after each ride.

If you are planning a flight, make sure you have everything under control. Take advantage of our airport transfer service. We will meet you at one of the airports or take you there on time.

We are ready to assist you with any needs that you or your business has:

  • Get you to all your doctor’s appointments.
  • Help you get any essentials such as food, pharmacy refills, water supplies delivered to your doors.
  • Help you with any freight delivery to your home or your office.
  • If you or your loved ones need assistance getting to or from dialysis centers we can help by arranging transportation.
  • We can arrange a private car or shuttle services that will get you to and from work, any hospital: The Johns Hopkins, Sinai Hospital, GBMC Hospital, etc. if your work requires you to show up at your office.

Non-emergency outpatients procedures transportation

KD Elite Transportation Inc. is a part of a Baltimore Maryland Transit team that takes hundreds of people to and from local hospitals for non-emergency procedures.
We work with all the local hospitals that have outpatient surgeries and outpatient procedures.
To find a list of hospitals we service please follow this link —
Our team is proud to partner with all of these hospitals and make outpatient, non-emergency transportation as convenient as possible for all of our clients.
If you have an appointment with your local doctor or have to go and see your loved ones, but have no way of getting there please let us know and we will make your reservations.
Let us do the driving, you have enough to worry about by going to the hospital for any of the procedure.


Our team of dispatchers servicing and monitoring all of our drivers remotely.

Give us a call to make reservations at 410-777-5553 or visit our website at and you can make reservations by pressing Book now or Request a quote button.

We would like to thank you for trusting in us.

We will continue to provide you with the highest level of services during this crisis.

KD Elite Transportation operators are ready to help you and we are looking forward to servicing you soon.


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