Medical Facility Transfers for Maritime Crew Members

KD Elite Transportation offers dedicated transportation services for crew members requiring access to medical facilities. Whether it’s routine check-ups, urgent medical situations (excluding ambulance services), COVID-testing or specialized treatments, our services are designed to facilitate prompt and reliable transfers to and from medical institutions.

Our Commitment:

  • Timely and Efficient Transfers: Understanding the urgency often associated with medical appointments, KD Elite focuses on providing timely and efficient transportation services. Our advanced logistics and dedicated personnel ensure that crew members reach medical facilities promptly.
  • Comfortable and Secure Trips: KD Elite prioritizes the comfort and safety of crew members during transportation. Our certified, trained drivers adhere to stringent port security protocols, providing a secure and stress-free environment for seafarers.
  • Comprehensive Assistance: From check-in procedures at medical facilities to facilitating any required arrangements and providing support with necessary paperwork, KD Elite is dedicated to assisting crew members at every step of the process.  From assisting with the check-in process at medical facilities
  • 24/7 Support and Coordination: Maritime operations do not adhere to a conventional schedule, and neither do health emergencies. KD Elite Transportation offers round-the-clock support and coordination to handle medical transportation requirements at any time, providing peace of mind for crew members, shipping agents, and vessel operators alike.
  • Pharmacy Stops for Medications: Understanding the importance of access to medications, KD Elite ensures that crew members receive the necessary prescriptions by stopping at pharmacies if needed, ensuring continuity of care.
  • Assistance with CBP Transfers: In cases where medical parole is required, KD Elite facilitates transfers to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to ensure seamless processing. We assist in handling all necessary paperwork and ensure smooth processing, alleviating any additional stress for crew members and ensuring they receive the medical care they require without delay.

KD Elite places a strong emphasis on efficiency, safety, and prompt response when it comes to meeting transportation needs, especially for seafarers. Recognizing the vital significance of providing access to medical care for maritime professionals, we are dedicated to delivering reliable transportation solutions. Choose KD Elite for peace of mind and dependable services that prioritize the safety and well-being of your maritime professionals.