Crewmember Safeguard Escorts: Ensuring Safety and Compliance During Maritime Crew Transportation


At KD Elite, we offer a safeguard service specifically tailored to provide comprehensive protection and support to maritime crew members throughout their transfers. Whether the situation calls for armed or unarmed escort, our trained safeguards are equipped to ensure the safety and security of crew members.


    • Armed/Unarmed Safeguard services:

    Our safeguards are proficient in providing armed or unarmed escort services for crew members under request from CBP (Customs and Border Protection). With their expertise and professionalism, we guarantee the safe transit of crew members while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

    • Safeguard services during transfers:

    Our safeguards offer secure escort services for crew members during transfers between vessels, airports, or other transit points.

    • Safeguard Service for Crewmember’s Medical Treatment:

    KD Elite Safeguard Service extends to providing assistance and support for crew members requiring medical treatment, especially those without US visas. From escorting crew members to medical facilities to ensuring their safe return to the vessel, our team ensures they receive the necessary care while adhering to immigration and security protocols.
    Let us assist you with safeguard services for your crew members. Please feel free to call us at 410.777.5553 or send an email to

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John O

Rochester, New York


This is the 2nd time we have used KD Elite for transportaion from the hotel to Baltimore Cruise Terminal. On both occasions their service has been timely, professional and with drivers who are extremely helpful and polite. I will definitely use them again.

Michel C

st Philippe, Canada


Perfect and more very good services excellent for transport for cruise hotel/port #1 cruise to hotel excellent thank you!

Cristy W

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


KD Elite was very smooth to use. We stayed at a BestWestern in Baltimore and KD showed up on time both at the hotel and when our cruise was over. It was very well organized by their staff. Driver was courteous and attentive. Vehicle was in good condition. Couldn't ask for more.

Keri D

Cheektowaga, New York


From pick up, to drop off, everything was great. Our driver was funny and professional. We will use this service again.

Lisa H

Mechanicsville, Virginia


KD Elite was fabulous, professional and on time taking us to port and picking us up when ship returned they were waiting with a sign, did not even have to call, will definitely use them again.