How to travel affordably

How to travel affordably

If you are traveling, finding a decent and affordable means of transportation is very important. While a plane ticket will be your most significant expense, taxi, bus, and train tickets can also become quite a considerable expense if you do not find the best deal. In this article, we will guide you through the best ways of getting around. Since KDElite operates in the USA, our list will include companies that work primarily in the US.

We will list many transportation methods, including rental cars, buses, taxis, and trains. Let’s begin.

Rental Cars

This is a perfect option for people who know how to drive. If you temporarily rent a car, you can go anywhere anytime. This is much better than getting a taxi since you can have your schedule and pace. A taxi or bus cannot contact you with such flexibility. Still, you will be required to have insurance and a license, so make sure you comply with the laws of the country you travel in. Also, double-check the agreement with the company giving you the car. There may be some surprises in there. But overall, rental cars are a great option, especially if you rent a small vehicle. Sometimes, a rental car is bundled with your hotel room rental or plane flight. Look for such deals – they can make this mode of transportation even more inexpensive.

Services like Expedia and Kayak can be used to get a car quickly, and you can use it for travel all over the country. They work well on all US territory.


Trains are probably the most inexpensive mode of travel on this list, and they are the best way to conquer long distances between cities and even countries. For example, trains in Europe can get you between multiple countries quickly. They are better than planes, in one way – they require much less hassle and have fewer security checks. You will not have to wait for a long time while your baggage is being checked. They are also better than cars at long distance travel since you can relax and watch the scenery. Some trains also offer beds to rest in while you are traveling. Staff in most trains will assist you with packing your baggage away.

Good train companies are Amtrak, a federal railway company in the USA, Deutsche Bahn for Germany, and National Rail in England.

Private Services

In recent years, many private transportation services have appeared on the market. Examples of these are Uber, Lyft, and many others. This is like a taxi service; only it is possible to get it almost anywhere in the world. This service can also help deliver or carry baggage from one place to another.

Uber and Lyft are very inexpensive. They are the best methods for any travel if you intend to save money. They are the best way to travel inside a city or between nearby towns. They are also readily available; you are almost always one phone call away from getting a ride to any location.

A separate kind of this service is called shuttling services. A good example is Super Shuttle. This service can help you get to and from airports all over the USA, and it is a good choice if you intend to fly.

Rental Campervans

This is a fun way to travel with great comfort. It is much more expensive than a car or train, but the van will be all yours. It would be best if you also considered that you are getting a home and a means of transport. High-end camper vans can be as comfortable as a rental flat or small hotel room. This is the best choice for recreational travel since it provides both comfort and mobility and gives you complete control of where you go.

If you rent a van during the peak season, it will be more expensive, but if you get one when no one is renting, you can get a great RV for a modest price.


KDElite can provide all of these services to you for a very reasonable price, and you can use us for shuttling to airports and traveling all over the country in a comfortable car or van. However, for long-distance travel, you should consider using a train. Visit our Airport Transportation service page.