What you need to know about flying through BWI Airport


If you’re going to visit the Baltimore/DC area, you may have to fly into or out of the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport. Since Washington DC established a new record with over 20.000.000 tourists in 2017, this airport welcomes many travelers. This is a really large terminal; however, it is not necessary to plan in advance. So, let’s consider several points you should be aware of before visiting BWI airport.

Make sure to consult the weather forecast

No matter where you’re going, it’s always necessary to be informed about the weather conditions. It is essential to know what kind of weather will be at the place of your destination to understand whether your travel plans will be affected or not. Luckily, the BWI airport offers its visitors meteorological warnings. On the official website of the BWI Marshall Airport, you can find information concerning your trips and the hub conditions in order to act accordingly.

Safety is the main thing BWI cares about

In recent years, airport safety has improved significantly. And the safety at BWI airport is one of the best — thanks to Advanced Imaging Technology and contemporary metal detectors, security staff can rapidly and thoroughly screen the tourists when they walk through security. According to TSA regulations, all travelers must go through security before approaching their gate. However, you can feel secure while traveling through BWI.

Keep in mind the airport transportation

If you have to get to your hotel or another local airport, we suggest that you take a look at the reliable airport shuttle BWI. Please consider the airport shuttle services before your travel. In this case, you will avoid wasting time trying to understand your transport situation. The choice of an airport shuttle BWI will help you get to your destination quickly and easily.

We hope that our article has given you some essential information about Baltimore-Washington International Airport. And in case you require transport services in the region, think about The Airport Shuttle.

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