Airport Transfer with KD Elite

Airport-transfer Baltimore

What does this company do?

KDEliteTrans is a company that can quickly and safely get you and your luggage to the required airport. All you need to do is give us the name of the airport you prefer, and we will take you there by any means you want to.

Since we have control of a vast fleet of transport vehicles, we can also offer help with other kinds of transportation, including trips to summer camp for kids, wedding trips, shuttles to and from ships, and a wide variety of others. If you are interested, call on the provided phone number and ask.

We have been in business for over a decade and have many good reviews from happy customers. You can check our description from Tripadvisor, which will prove to anyone that we are a legit and customer-friendly company. We are also ranked as the first choice in Baltimore.

Where do we operate?

This team works countrywide, and as of today, we can take you to almost any national or international airport in Washington DC, and Baltimore. So far, we offer easy trips to and from

  • BWI
  • IAD
  • DCA
  • EWR
  • JFK
  • PHL
  • LGA
  • Penn Station

We can pick you up from almost any location around these two cities. The price depends solely on the distance between your location and destination. We also offer a wide range of other destinations, and if you read our company’s other articles, you will be amazed by all our other options.

Our team will also be able to take you from any of the locations mentioned above to your destination. If you are arriving at any of the listed airports, please get in touch with our team. We can send a car straight to the terminal to pick you up when you have exited the plane. That will make it possible to get to your destination quickly and without hassles.

It is essential to mention that our vehicle will wait patiently for you in case the flight is delayed for any reason. Since we can track flights in real-time, we can make amends and be there when you arrive.

Why choose KD Elite?

There are various reasons to do so, the first being safety. While roads are safer today than before, plenty of accidents are occurring even on major highways. We hire only qualified drivers who will do everything to make the trip secure and free of stress. You will be able to relax, knowing that everything will be OK.

Another reason to ask us for help – punctuality. If we have promised something, we act on that promise. We go to great lengths to make sure everything happens on time. For many of us, this is very important, especially if you are going to the airport for a business trip. That is why KD Elite puts such an emphasis on punctuality.

We offer a vast fleet of vehicles for every purpose, and while some may require a bus with over 50 seats for a tour, others may need a more versatile van. Others may want to travel in a luxury sedan to a wedding. Whatever your needs – we have you covered.

And speed is another good reason to choose our team. Not only can our drivers get you to your destination safely, but they will also try to get there maximally quickly.

Last but not least – we have excellent prices. That does not mean we save by decreasing security or speed. It simply means that we can keep our prices low and offer very high-quality services.

What else should I know?

We allow up to two suitcases with luggage to go with each passenger. In total, around 50 pounds can be taken safely with every person. However, you are allowed to take even more for a small fee.

So far, our company can only work around the general vicinity of Washington DC and Baltimore. We will be expanding our area soon, but for now, only those two cities are our base of operations.

Our team can offer many other relocation and transportation services, so if you are looking for those too, check out our “Services” tab. You will be pleased to find many other options for quite a low price.

To make a reservation, email our company at the provided email address or contact us by phone. You can summon a vehicle immediately or make a reservation for a future date.

If you need to cancel the trip, you can do so anytime. You receive a full refund if the trip was scheduled for a date over 24 hours away. You may also have the journey delayed for a different time or have the vehicle changed.

You can pay with any credit card of your choice, making it possible to pay for any trip ahead of time.

What transport can we offer?

We have a vast fleet of different vehicles, and there are buses, minibusses, and vans we can offer for you. The buses take around 30 passengers each, while a van has seven seats, making it one of the best options for a family or group of friends.

The bigger buses we have made it possible to take a group of up to 50 people to a particular place, which will be the best option if you have a lot of people to take. This is the ideal choice for a company relocation trip.

And of course, we have a variety of smaller cars too. A fleet of luxury-class sedans for 3-4 passengers and SUV-class vehicles for up to 6 people. All our cars and buses are of a uniform black color with the company logo emblazoned on the side.

Tips for travelers

Always check before paying. There are lots of scammers out today who will try to sell counterfeit services, so watch carefully.

Our team is always glad to assist customers, so if you have any concerns, contact us by phone or email. We have a support assistant online almost 24/7, and he will be able to give you information about travel times, prices, and other important info.

Our company also has a wide variety of exciting offers, including very low-price tours. We will happily oblige if you decide to embark on a sightseeing trip. Also, we do transportation to and from cruise ships around Baltimore.

If you have more luggage than the allowed limit of two bags per person, do not hesitate to contact the team. We can decide the best way to take all the luggage without you overpaying.

Try our Aiport Transfer service in Baltimore!