Cruise Ship Shuttle with Kd Elite


KDElite is a company that offers many transportation services near Baltimore and Washington. This page is about our cruise ship shuttle service.

What does our team do?

Amongst other things, we offer you a shuttle service. We can safely and quickly take you to and from a cruise ship. The offer is limited to Baltimore and surrounding areas. KD Elite has been rated as the best company for this service, and we have many user reviews to back up this claim. TripAdvisor has also ranked us number one in the whole area of Baltimore and Washington, DC.

We can take you and all your luggage to a cruise ship and from it. The company is ready to take you from the BWI airport to the Baltimore Cruise ship terminal. We also take people to and from the Reagan Airport and other national airports.

The company offers excellent deals, and you can make business trips at a much lower price than with other companies. We also have polite drivers who take safety seriously.

What vehicles do we offer?

Our team offers a variety of vehicles, from small sedans to buses. The buses can take around 50 passengers to or from a ship, making it an excellent option for a school expedition or a business trip. We offer a few versions of buses, with some offering under 40 seats and some huge ones with over 50 seats.

However, for a single-family, a van will suffice since it has up to 7 spaces for people and luggage.

And if you have a small family or are traveling alone, we have a luxury sedan for you, which has 3-4 places to sit. There is also an SUV option, which offers 5-6 seats, optimal for most medium-sized families to travel comfortably.

Our fleet comprises the best vehicles we could find, featuring Mercedes sedans and lux-SUV cars. All our cars are colored deep black and are emblazoned with the KD Elite logotype, which makes them look even better. We hire only the best drivers to get you to your destination quickly and safely.

Why hire us?

While we operate in a relatively small area around Baltimore and Washington, we are by far the safest and most reliable company in this area. You will be able to find many reasons to hire us, among them:

Reliability. We can arrive there on time, no matter the task. Our team prides itself on always being punctual and quick to reach your destination.

Safety. Not only do we get you there quickly, but also safely. Our drivers give a lot of attention to safety, and our vehicles are of the top class regarding passenger safety, so you will never get in an accident while driving with our company.

Luxury vehicles. You will be able to drive with safety, speed, and comfort. We have the most comfortable and safe cars in our fleet.

Prices. We charge substantially less than other companies, but at the same time, we provide services that are equivalent or better, and you will see yourself once you hire KD Elite to take you somewhere.

And we also have the main advantage – a stable track record of doing our job well. There are many reviews on our site and others, proving that our team can take you anywhere safely and quickly. Even TripAdvisor has left a positive review, naming our company the first choice in Washington and Baltimore.

What other services does the team offer?

We offer transportation to and from many different airports all over the country. Also, you can use our fleet to take any number of passengers to a summer camp, an airport, or any other destination you choose.

What are the rules on luggage?

You can take up to 50 pounds of handheld luggage, which will be two travel bags for each passenger. However, for a small fee, we can add a place for your luggage, and you can take even more. To learn more about this, call our support team, who will gladly answer any questions.

For just 20 dollars, you will be able to take an extra bag of luggage. If you want to take more, talk to the company’s administration, and we will be able to work out a deal.

What else to know about KD Elite?

This company offers transportation and relocation services, and we have a fleet of luxury class vehicles, including vans, which can be used for taking lots of luggage. Therefore, we are glad to help with any other kind of transportation. Just call the administration, and we can work out a plan.

If the ship is late, we will wait, and you will not have to pay extra. Likewise, if you have summoned a vehicle to pick you up from the port, but the ship is late, we will patiently wait for you.

How do I contact the administration?

We offer both an email address and a phone number for contacting us. You will probably get an assistant on the line in under a minute. If you cannot reach us by phone, leave your question and email address, and we will write.

Also, there is an interactive chat on our main page where you can ask questions.

Tips for travelers

KD Elite will allow you to cancel trips that have been prepaid, and we will provide a refund if the trip was scheduled for a time over 24 hours away.

The company will also provide refunds if the trip has to be canceled for reasons you are not responsible for. If you have encountered a difficult situation, never hesitate to contact the administration immediately.

Our team also offers periodic promotions, with discounts and bonus points. Do not miss those – our current early-bird discount program makes it possible to bag a 60% discount for booking a trip today. There will be other promotions in the future, and we are working on a loyalty program for constant users of our company.

You should check out our site; perhaps you will find other interesting proposals. We offer transportation to and from sports events, for example. Also, we offer trips to children’s summer camps for a much lower price.

Always make sure you contact us before you transfer any money.