Wedding Parties and Family Reunion with KD Elite

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KD Elite can arrange for you to have a maximally pleasing wedding trip with your family to any place in the state. Read on to discover, why you should hire KD Elite as the team to do this work.

What jobs does our team do?

We are a team that drives people to many diverse locations around the cities of Washington and Baltimore. Our team has spent over ten years getting together the best tactics, best drivers and best vehicles. That is why we are good at what we do.

We do many kinds of driving, but in particular, we take people to and from summer camps, airports, ships and wedding parties. The wedding service is what we will talk about in this article.

What is the wedding transportation service?

This implies that the company lets you rent a specialized bus, which can take you and your friends on a nice trip. You receive a luxury class vehicle with all the necessary things to make this a maximally entertaining and pleasurable trip. You will be provided a large portion of choices, vehicles and other options.

The company makes it possible for you to drive on any route of your choice, and we provide trips over Maryland, Baltimore, Florida and a few other states too. You will be able to discuss all details and make a final decision.

What vehicles are provided?

There are a lot of cars we have for this purpose, and we can provide any number of seats for a wedding or family reunion. KD Elite has been able to give enough transport for up to 5000 participants at any moment, and that means you can have a very large meeting.

We provide all vehicles in a uniform black color with the company logotype emblazoned on the side of the car. There are many different models and sizes provided here, with the smallest being a sedan and the biggest being a bus.

The SUV and sedan provide 3-5 seats, and you will be able to use this car if you just intend on driving around yourselves. However, if you wish to take a lot of friends and family with you, then you can use the cruise bus, which provides 56 seats.

What will the trip be like?

The trip will be as you asked it to be. You decide on where the car, van or bus will go, and we make sure that the trip is safe and comfortable. Since we hire only qualified drivers, the trip will be very safe and comfortable, since we will do our best to make you get only the best emotions from your wedding trip.

We make sure all our passengers get the best impression of our company, so you can expect only the best. If you have any questions, then just contact the administration via the provided phone number, and we will do our best to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Can I take luggage with me?

Yes, all the passengers are entitled to take up to 50 pounds of luggage with them in the form of handbags. You can take two handbags with you, and if you need to take more, then you can purchase an extra luggage space for only 20 dollars. If any more needs to be taken, ask the company’s administration, and we can work out a deal for you.

Where can I go with this service?

The shuttle service is intended to take people to and from airports, hotels and ports. This makes it possible for all the guests to be there when the important day comes. We will be able to organize a meeting of up to 5000 people with this service.

You can quickly and efficiently help your guests come from any airport in the state, and also organize trips to and from all the major hotels in the area.

How do I arrange for a wedding trip?

In order to schedule such a massive event, you will have to call us ahead of time and organize everything. That way we will be able to plan everything slowly and stress-free. This will probably also cost much less for you, since all the transportation will be pre-planned, and nothing will be done in a hurry.

If you happen to encounter delays or other problems, then you may cancel or re-schedule the trip. If the delay is not your fault, then we will be happy to wait for you to arrive however long it takes. If a plane or ship you are expecting is late, then our drivers will wait.

If you manage to warn our company at least a month before the trip was scheduled to occur, then you will receive a full refund, in case you cancel. If you merely re-schedule the trip, then the agreement will remain in effect.

How much will this cost?

This is a question that cannot be answered right away. Since we are organizing a wedding, there can be from 2 to 5000 people involved. There can be many different locations these people can travel from. There can be a variety of vehicles involved. While some may just need one SUV, others will require the services of a few buses. Therefore, it is necessary for you to call our administration and make an agreement about this trip.

Only then will we be able to come to a logical conclusion, and you will be able to get the price and final details of the trip. The same is true for a family reunion trip, or any complex project for that matter.

Why pick us for this?

There is a variety of reasons why we are the company that should be doing this.

  • This is one of the aspects we pride ourselves on. We provide a totally safe trip with no accidents or other unfortunate occurrences. Our drivers are carefully selected, and they prioritize safety over any other aspects.
  • We use luxury class vehicles, which provide comfort, safety and an entertaining ride overall. This is why we have so many good reviews
  • We will be able to comply with almost any request, no matter how difficult or specific. This is one of our best points – we will take almost any order, even if we are required to provide a whole fleet of cars.

There are also other reasons, but these three are the one why we are included in many lists of top 10 transport companies. That is why TripAdvisor selected us as number one in the whole state.

If you have a wedding planned, then do call us now, and receive a large discount for calling us ahead of time. We have a promotion running that allows you to get a huge 60% discount. Booking your wedding or reunion trip today allows us to save time and money and reduce the hurry, so we give a discount to customers that plan ahead.