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public transportation

KDElite is a transportation company that makes other ways of public transportation almost obsolete. Our team will be able to take you to and from the most popular airports in the USA, and Newark is just one of the places where we will be able to safely and quickly deliver you.

Where do we work?

Our tea primarily works in the area of Washington, and if you were trying to find out, is there public transportation from Seattle airport to downtown, then KDElite is the best company to use. We primarily take people to and from airports near Washington, but we also do trips to cruise ships, to national parks and more. We even help organize wedding ceremonies and other kinds of parties.

Our company also is able to help with delivery and business relocation. If you need some exclusive kind of service, then just call us and propose it – we are sure we will find some way to help.

You and any number of people will be able to get to Manhattan and many other cities with KDElite. If you ever wondered, is there public transportation from Newark airport to New York city then look no further. Our company has a fleet of the best vehicles for this purpose.

How to take public transportation from Newark airport to Manhattan

Expect to get a solid black vehicle of the luxury class, with the team’s logo on the side. We have a wide array of buses, vans, SUVs and other cars available. All the cars are in perfect condition, and our drivers are qualified.

The buses offer up to 50 spaces, and that makes it possible for lots of people to travel at the same time. An SUV or a van is the best choice for a family, and the sedans are best for a solo trip.

Reasons to use our team

We have a few reasons that make us a bit better than most of the other ones out there. These are:

  • Punctuality – we are always on time
  • Price – we do not overcharge for our services
  • Quality – our drivers are always careful, and our vehicles clean and in pristine condition

There are a few other benefits, but these are the main ones.


You will be able to take all you want. If you are looking for ways, how to take public transportation from Newark airport to Manhattan, and you want to bring lots of baggage, then KDElite can be the best way for you. We make it possible to take up to 50 pounds for free, and if you have even more, then you can take it for a small fee.

Placing an order

This can be done via the provided phone number or with the interactive chat on our site. The team is also always ready to assist you, and if you find anything that you do not like – just contact us over the phone so we can fix it.

When ordering a trip, just name the vehicle you want and the location you want to travel to. That is all. We did not suffer too many restrictions because of the pandemic, and are always ready to take orders and help. Our team and drivers still follow all the CDC rules, so using our company will be safe.

Orders that are no longer needed, can be cancelled without loss, if they were scheduled for over 24 hours away.


Is there public transportation from Seattle airport to downtown?

Yes, we offer this route as well.

Is there public transportation from Newark airport to New York city?

Yes, we have expanded our area of operations to include these areas, and you will be able to use KDElite to travel there too.