More about KDElite Tranportation

BWI airport transportation

KDElite offers lots of services related to airport transfer and other kinds of transfer. But what does that entitle? Learn more about our services in this article.

What does airport transfer mean?

This service means that we are able to move you and your baggage to and from any government airport, such as Newark, Dulles and more. We primarily operate in the area around Washington and Baltimore.

Our company offers inexpensive transportation services all over the area of Washington and Baltimore, and we are quickly expanding our base of operations to include lots of other airports in other states.

How do we transport?

We have a fleet of vehicles of all sizes to use for this. They range in size from compact sedans to buses. While a sedan or SUV are good for a solo trip or two people, a van may be much better for a family or for lots of luggage. And buses are good if you are relocating a business or have a need for many people to travel somewhere simultaneously.

Why use our team?

There are many benefits for working with us. The first one is that we offer safe travel for all our clients, and all the vehicles we use are safe and well maintained. All the drivers we hire are also trained to drive safely and will not get you in an accident. Nonetheless, if they are able to, they will drive fast, and get you there in time. This is our second benefit – punctuality. You will be able to get somewhere quickly and on time.

The third reason to use us is the good user reviews, which prove that we are the best in our state. We have even received an award from Tripadvisor, who named us the best company in Washington.

When to book airport transfers?

This really depends on your own preferences, because you may change things often, or, on the contrary, make plans for the future. However, it is a good idea to book things like this beforehand, as our company has discounts for people that book transfers a long time in the future. We also have a loyalty program, so expect lots of benefits for using our company frequently.

How to get to Washington DC from BWI airport?

This is a pretty simple matter for KDElite. Just book a trip from one place to the other, set it to a time when you will be going there, and you are good to go. You should also select the vehicle that you will use for this purpose, like an SUV, van or sedan, or even a bus if you have lots of people.