Which airport is better: DCA or BWI


If you are using KDElite, then chances are that you travel a lot. And if you travel a lot, you must learn more about airports and other means of transportation so you can always select the most efficient route. In this article, we will compare the two best airports there are – BWI and DCA.

DCA airport – pros and cons

The Reagan National Airport is located in the center of the city and has direct access to two metro lines – the blue and yellow ones. This can make travel throughout DC much easier, and you can go anywhere in the city. The yellow line will make it possible for you to go to the downtown quickly.

The DCA airport has a significant advantage because it gives easy access to two metro lines and lets you go almost anywhere in the city quickly. Also, landing there is very low-cost, and it will help you save money. There is also not much traffic there, so that you can get through even on a busy day.

The cons are few – the elevators are often on maintenance and do not always work. There is also a minimal amount of food options and not many restaurants.

BWI airport – pros and cons

This is an excellent airport with a roomy and beautiful interior. You will be tempted to visit it just because of that. This is also one of the few airports that allows flying directly to Europe. The experience at this place is charming, and one of the best places to stay for some time. There is a bike road around it, and it has access to lots of parking space. Because of its size, it rarely has problems with traffic, because there is enough space for everyone there.

This airport has many pros – plentiful parking, good security, and friendly personnel. It is a great place to fly to Europe and has many other exciting routes. There will be new routes developed soon. This airport is frequented by people going on vacations and is best if you visit a resort area.

This place has its cons, too – it is not convenient for people from Virginia and is not made for staying there for a long time.

Overall, these airports have cons and pros that you should consider when deciding where to go. And KDElite will be happy to take you to any of these places.