How to get to BWI airport

How to get to the BWI airport

If you are traveling through the USA, you will undoubtedly encounter BWI airport since it is an essential hub for travel all over the USA.  It is close to both Baltimore and Washington.  Each year, over 7 million people travel using the BWI airport, and they all have questions about getting there and flying from there.  So, the KDElite team has composed a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

Arrival to BWI

Many people ask how to get from Washington DC to BWI airport.  BWI is 32 miles from Washington, and driving there will not be hard.  KDElite will be happy to help you get there.  We offer a whole fleet of vehicles willing to take you there from Washington and Baltimore.

If you travel through Dulles, you may wonder, “How do I get from Dulles Airport to BWII?”.  But we have you covered again.  Dulles is on the other side of Washington, and all you need to do is call us to drive you over from Dulles.  This will take around an hour.  You will also not have trouble finding how to get from BWI to Ronald Reagan Airport since we will happily take you there.  This trip will only take around 40 minutes.

Accommodations at BWI

Many people would like to know how well BWI treats its visitors.  Common questions include “Is there a smoking area in BWI airport.”  The answer is no since BWI is a nonsmoking airport.  The only place for that is outside.

Other popular questions are “What stores are at BWI?” and “Is there a hotel inside BWI airport?”   And the answers are also pretty satisfying.  There are many stores with food, clothing, and souvenirs in this airport, and there is also a great hotel inside BWI, the Marriott Hotel, which offers premium rooms.


If you are traveling in the vicinity of Washington, then KDElite will always be there to help you get anywhere you want.  So, if you were looking at how to get to BWI airport from Washington DC, then you have a solution – call KDElite, and we will help you.