What is the difference between public and private transportation

public and private transportation

Transportation is divided into public and private based on one simple distinction – public transportation is transportation that you share with other people, and private transportation is something that belongs only to you. In this article we will give examples and explain more about this topic.

What is included in public transportation?

Public transportation includes metro and bus transportation, because you share this transport with other people. The transport will also stop at multiple places before getting to your destination, and this also makes it public transportation.

Airplanes are also a kind of public transport, since they take many people somewhere. Cruise ships, tour buses and trains are all examples of public transportation, since they all have the same goal – move multiple people.

What is private transportation?

There are multiple ways for a means of transportation to be considered private. In many cases it is argued that you have to own the transport. For example, a private automobile will be a private transport, sine you are in full control of where it goes.

However, taxis are also considered to be private transportation, since you decide where it goes.

What is the difference?

Private transportation goes where you want it to, and it takes you to a chosen destination individually. This makes private transportation much more safe, efficient and pleasant to travel with. KDElite offers you a whole selection of private transportation vehicles to choose from.