Safe summer travel during the coronavirus pandemic

Safe summer travel during the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 has thrown off many people’s summer travel plans. Borders have been closed, flights have been canceled, and many states still face business or travel restrictions. While the pandemic means summer travel will look different this year, that doesn’t mean family trips and summer getaways must be entirely off the table. You can enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation this summer with the right destinations, travel considerations, and safety measures.

Choosing the right destination

Travel experts agree: Safe summer travel is mainly about choosing the right destination. It would be best to look for locations that allow social distancing. Outdoor spaces, like beaches and state parks, are ideal because visitors can spread out and maintain social distancing while they enjoy hiking, relaxing, swimming, and other activities.

Embracing the road trips

Travel industry insiders predict that 2020 summer travel will focus on the road trip as people look to keep costs down and avoid crowded flights and airports. Road trips are the best way to travel during the pandemic because they can help travelers avoid large crowds, and they allow travelers to handle their luggage and pack their meals so they can avoid restaurants or crowded grocery stores once they reach their destinations.

Looking for safe lodging

The good news about summer travel is that most public health experts agree that travel lodging provides a relatively small risk as long as crowded communal spaces – busy hotel bars or crowded hotel pools – are avoided. Many hotels have implemented strict new sanitizing policies and procedures. Travelers seeking secluded lodging can rent individual houses or apartments through sites like Airbnb.

Planning your summer travel with KD Elite Transportation

Suppose the pandemic has halted your summer vacation plans. In that case, KD Elite Transportation can help you find a destination road trip that lets you reconnect with your friends and family at a popular beach destination. Throughout the summer, KD Elite will have a roundtrip shuttle service from Baltimore to:

    • Ocean City, Maryland;
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