The team behind your KD Elite car service


At KD Elite, we care about providing you with the best private transportation services in the Baltimore area. That means ensuring that we always have new Mercedes Sprinters and new buses in our fleet and carefully maintaining our cars so you can travel in comfort and style. But our quality service goes beyond that – Behind your KD Elite service, a team of professionals is working to ensure you have a pleasant trip.


KD Elite provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To keep our fleet running on time, no matter the time, we have professional dispatchers who are constantly monitoring our routes and communicating with our drivers. To do their jobs, our dispatchers are equipped with the best technology. With their three-screen system, they can track real-time GPS locations for our fleet, monitor dispatches, and field questions from our team.


Every KD Elite driver has been trained by a professional management team that has been with our company for more than five years. Just as important as training, KD Elite’s staff is focused on projecting a positive energy and friendly attitude.

Our drivers take pride in their appearance and the appearance of their vehicles. They start their days by putting on the KD Elite uniform: Black pants, black dress shoes, and a black or white dress shirt inscribed with the KD Elite logo. Once they arrive at work, our drivers head to the yard to complete a pre-trip inspection of their vehicles. With everything in good order, our drivers hop in their vehicles, buckle their seatbelts, and head out to have a full day of providing top-quality service to our customers.


Our operations management team oversees everything we do at KD Elite, ensuring all our vehicles are maintained, cleaned, and ready to work. They also work with our staff to ensure they are happy and prepared to meet our customers’ needs.


Our three sales team members – our sales coordinator, representative, and assistant – allow us to provide our customers with the needed services. They help match our customers to the proper vehicles. With the help of our sales staff, our contract members, long-time customers, and new clients become part of the KD Elite family.

Additionally, our sales team meets once a week to discuss new ideas and follow up on current projects so we can continue to improve our services to meet our customers’ private transportation needs.

General Manager

Our team works seamlessly together, overseen by our general manager. He ensures our operations run smoothly to make KD Elite Transportation Inc. the best transportation company in Baltimore, Maryland, and the surrounding area.

As you can see, KD Elite is devoted to providing our customers with the finest private transportation services. Contact us now if you need a car, bus, or shuttle service in Baltimore!