Worldwide Crew Change: Baltimore, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville

crew change baltimore

A crew change service is a professional team that helps with crew embarking and disembarking. The primary purpose of such companies is to help with the timely, comfortable transportation of crew members on and off-board.

While some may think it’s a regular driving service, it’s an essential niche in the modern world. With COVID-19, it becomes more challenging to manage a business due to constant restrictions. However, if the company is reliable, you can count on premium transportation without delays.

Why Is It So Important?

A crew change is a crucial operation to maintain the overall health of the team members of a ship. Usually, contracts last 4-6 months; after that, every crew member should take a break and recharge for the next journey. Such an exchange keeps the marine industry afloat.

Working half a year every day for up to 12 hours is strenuous. That’s why comfort and proper troubleshooting are vital when it’s time to go home and relax. Besides, when spending so much time working on a ship, some people develop health conditions that must be treated before the next contract starts.

It’s not only physical conditions. Mental health issues, anxiety, fatigue, etc., can all lead to horrendous consequences. Many marine deaths happen because of health neglect and overworking.

What About the Laws?

The government also protects the work and health balance. In 2006, the ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention set a standard maximum of 11 months for marine contracts. There is a possibility of prolongation but with additional verifications.

Unfortunately, many seafarers were forced to remain on board for 1.5 years.

What Service to Choose for Crew Change Baltimore?

The smoothness and quality of transportation depend on the company you’re choosing. The approach has only one downside: the influence of governmental restrictions is an issue nowadays. Below is an excellent example of such a service operating primarily in Baltimore and several Florida locations (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville).

It’s better to choose a service that is:

  • Experienced;
  • Capable of handling difficulties;
  • Has proper accreditations.

One such service is KD Elite. This company has helped hundreds of seafarers get on and off-board during the ten years of its operation. Every driver and staff member has the necessary documents to access any American port.

Here’s a list of benefits you’ll get by working with KD Elite:

  • Professional staff with Terminal Escort card and other necessary documentation;
  • The company’s staff handles all CBP forms, so you have nothing to worry about;
  • Access to any port worldwide (COVID-19 restrictions may apply).

This business helps cargo and cruise ships, as well as agencies, to transfer on and off-signers safely and on time. In addition, transport to hospitals and coronavirus tests are also available. Anything from urgent care to shopping is easy with an experienced partner company.

You opt for experience, understanding, and transportation quality by choosing a crew change service like KD Elite.