EWR Airport Transfer / Shuttle

You can read about our Newark airport shuttle service in this article. Our company can take you to the EWR airport terminal from almost any location, and we will also bring you to EWR from many other places.

You can be taken by bus from Newark Liberty Airport to a train station, hotel, and many other places. We offer recreational trips to national parks, Baltimore cruise ships, and other airports in Washington, New Jersey, and Baltimore.

Why choose us?

It would be best to choose KDElite to take you to Newark Liberty Terminal and other places for a few reasons. While we offer a better price than our competitors, we also put a lot of emphasis on comfort. You can get somewhere comfortably and quickly and always be on time for your destination.

Our drivers are cautious, and you will get there safely and quickly.

You can take a lot of baggage to the target airport, and each passenger can take around 50 pounds of carry, which amounts to two large handbags. If you wish to take additional luggage, you can call us, and we will agree upon a way to take all your baggage at a low price.

Where else does KDElite go?

From Newark Liberty Terminal, you can travel to virtually any airport in the Washington and Baltimore area in a short time. JFK, EWR, and IAD are just a few airports where we take people for a reasonable price.

Some of our most popular routes are bus transfers from airport terminals to the Baltimore cruise ships and national parks. Our buses allow up to 50 people to travel simultaneously. We also have a vast fleet of other vehicles available.

Which cars do we have?

Our fleet contains many smaller sedans and SUVs, which fit a solitary passenger or a small family. A more prominent family may want to use one of our vans, and a business delegation may require a bus. The most enormous buses in our arsenal hold up to 50 people.

All the sedans and SUVs belong to the luxury class, and the other vehicles are also equipped with top-notch comfort. They are all colored black with our company’s logo.

Transport sedan minivan mb sprinter van coach bus
Capacity 1-3 1-6 1-14 1-40

What services are offered?

As you can see on our page, we also offer wedding organization services and medical transportation. To ask more about our team, call or message us on our provided phone number. We can organize almost any party, get-together, or other event.

Vehicles Available for this service

Our fleet

KD Elite transportation bus

Coach bus

40 passengers

KD Elite bus


30 passengers



7 passengers



4 passengers



6 passengers