LGA Airport Shuttle | Transfer

The KD Elite team provides transportation to and from the LGA airport terminal in New York. This is the third busiest airport in New York, and we can facilitate safe and comfortable transfers from this place to any other location you define. Likewise, our team can take you to the LGA airport from any place you want.

This article will explain what this service offers and why the KD Elite team is the best company to use.

What does the LGA airport transfer and shuttle service include?

In short, we have a car or a bus to pick you or any other number of persons and transfer them to the LaGuardia airport terminal in New York. This service is safer than many other companies, and you can hire any vehicle, up to a charter bus with 50 seats.

We also permit our clients to take any amount of baggage. The first 50 pounds can be taken for free, and any larger numbers can be transferred for a low price.

We can also take you from the LGA airport terminal in New York to any location you specify.

Which vehicles are available?

We own a large fleet of vehicles, and many different cars are at your service. You will be able to make any trip comfortable. Small families or solitary clients can use the sedan and SUV cars, which are also luxury class. More prominent families may want to use a van, and a business trip with lots of participants can go on a charter bus, which makes it possible for 50 people to travel together.

All our cars are comfortable and follow the same color theme – black with our company logo.

Transport sedan minivan mb sprinter van coach bus
Capacity 1-3 1-6 1-14 1-40

Why choose our team?

There is a variety of reasons for why KD Elite is the best choice:

We have responsible drivers who honor your time. They will get you to your destination safely and comfortably while allowing you to travel comfortably.

We have a fleet of vehicles, ranging from small cars to big buses, which will let you accommodate any number of people.

We can take you to and from the LGA airport, and we also execute lots of other services. A few are wedding party organization, traveling to national parks and cruise ships, and many other activities.

How do I book?

To book any service, just contact or message us on the phone. Most services can be booked in just a few clicks, but complex ones like wedding organization must be negotiated via phone.

Almost any of our services can be rescheduled or canceled with a full refund. Discounts apply to those scheduled for a long time in the future.

Vehicles Available for this service

Our fleet

KD Elite transportation bus

Coach bus

47 passengers



7 passengers



4 passengers



11-14 passengers