IAD Airport Transfer / Shuttle

KD Elite is a company that can take you to any airport in Baltimore and Washington, DC. We offer a wide specter of shuttle services to and from the biggest airports in the country, such as Dulles Airport (IAD).

What transport is available?

We offer transport such as cars, buses, and vans, and you can travel in any one you like. If you want to travel alone, then a sedan or SUV will await you. A family trip may require a van, and a private transfer bus can take a delegation of up to 50 people anywhere. All the cars are colored black with the company logo.

Transport sedan minivan mb sprinter van coach bus
Capacity 1-3 1-6 1-14 1-40

How do I book a trip?

This service is available anywhere in Washington, so if you need such transportation service, call our number or message our team via email. We will be able to book a trip for you at any time. If you have booked a trip but have since reconsidered, we will be able to cancel it, and if the trip was over 24 hours away, you receive a full refund. Reservations can be made for any time.

If you want to discuss additional details about transport, luggage, or transfer, then call our number or contact us via the chat.

What are the luggage requirements?

A limit of 50 pounds for each passenger makes it possible to take two large bags with any luggage. If you want to take even more, you can purchase additional baggage inexpensively. If you’re going to transfer even more luggage, then you can make reservations for it. Call or message us to decide an optimal way to do this.

Where can I ride from Dulles?

We take people from Dulles Airport to any place possible. You can request a trip to your home, for example. However, we also take people to popular destinations such as parks, summer camps, etc. You may also book a trip to the Baltimore cruise ships from IAD.

What other services are offered?

There are many possible services to book, and we can take passengers and cargo anywhere in Washington, DC, though we specialize more in transferring passengers with comfort.

We also offer longer trips via car from IAD and other airports to Miami and Florida states. You can take a comfortable ride with your family or friends to these states and visit parks or camps there. Make reservations now and receive a significant discount on any ride or service. Trips booked ahead of time are always cheaper.

Vehicles Available for this service

Our fleet


Coach bus

56 passengers

KD Elite bus


30 passengers



7 passengers



4 passengers



6 passengers