JFK Airport Shuttle | Transfer

KD Elite offers quick and comfortable transportation to the JFK airport, and you can travel there and back to your original location. We also have routes from JFK to many other places, like New York, Baltimore, and other cities.

You can select the time car and book a specific service at KD Elite, which makes us better than most competitors.

The transfer service allows you to get the utmost comfort while traveling and is also safe. You can book ahead of time and receive discounts in many cases.

What does the airport shuttle service include?

KD Elite offers to take you to JFK Airport. The transfer is guaranteed to be safe, comfortable, and on time. We also help you book shuttle trips to other places. While we provide services similar to a taxi, we also have many additional options, which you will not find anywhere else.

First, you can choose a car in a wide range of sizes. Next, you can book an extensive trip with your whole family for over a month in the future and even get a discount. Last, you can travel to various places, and we can even take you on interstate trips, like New York, Baltimore, and other cities.

How do I book a trip?

Contact our team on the phone or leave an application on our website. You will be able to book and pay for a trip very quickly. Additional details, like luggage and others, can also be discussed on the phone.

What cars do we have?

We offer sedans and SUV cars for small families, vans for more prominent families, and large charter buses for more significant events. The biggest buses we have allow up to 50 people to travel simultaneously.

Transport sedan minivan mb sprinter van coach bus
Capacity 1-3 1-6 1-14 1-40

What other services are offered?

There are many other things the KD Elite team can do, and you can see a complete list on our main page. We can shuttle any number of people to any specified location, and you can take almost any luggage with you for just a small fee. Also, we do non-emergency medical transportation and can get you to a hospital in your area quickly.

Why pick us?

There is a variety of reasons why KD Elite is the best choice.

  • We will be able to make the trip comfortable, as our fleet includes only luxury vehicles emphasizing passenger comfort.
  • We will make the trip on time and be willing to wait for you if your plane or ship is late.
  • Our drivers are carefully selected for responsible driving, and the trip will be safe.
  • TripAdvisor has listed us as the number 1 choice in the Washington DC area, and lots of users have left good reviews of our company.

Vehicles Available for this service

Our fleet


Coach bus

56 passengers



7 passengers



4 passengers



11-14 passengers